We Are Well-trained and Experienced

Tranditional Chinese Medicine

Doctors and Specialists

from China

Available Services
  • Acupuncture for illness

  • Acupuncture for Cosmesis

  • Chinese Herbal Medicines

  • Therapeutic Massage (Tuina)

  • Cupping & Guasa

  • Nutritional Supplements

Our Goal and Missions

Help Our Clients Live in Healthy and Balanced Lives

Supply Individualized and Optimal Treatment Plans for Each Patient


​Trigger the Self-regulating and Self-healing Systems

Maintaining the Yin-Yang Balance

Stop Pain Instantly

Offers for Who Scares Needling

  • Ear/Hand/Foot Patch Therapy

  • Essential  Oil Therapy

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Acu-treatments Trigger Your Energy(Chi)Movement and Yin-yang Balance

Promote Your Self-cure Systems