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We Are Well-trained and Experienced

Tranditional Chinese Medicine

Doctors and Specialists

from China

Our Goal and Missions

Help Our Clients Live in Healthy and Balanced Lives

Supply Individualized and Optimal Treatment Plans for Each Patient


​Trigger the Self-regulating and Self-healing Systems

Maintaining the Yin-Yang Balance

Stop Pain Instantly

Available Services
  • Acupuncture for illness

  • Acupuncture for Cosmesis

  • Chinese Herbal Medicines

  • Therapeutic Massage (Tuina)

  • Cupping & Guasa

  • Nutritional Supplements

New services 

  • Ear/Hand/Foot Patch Therapy

  • Essential  Oil Therapy

Acu-treatments Trigger Your Energy(Chi)Movement and Yin-yang Balance

Promote Your Self-cure Systems

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